I Have a Website – Now What?


So you have a website. Awesome! Now what? Just set it and forget it!? NO! Read on to make sure you’re keeping your website up to date – and yours!

You’re an Adult – It’s O.K. to say NO!


Why is it so hard to say “NO”? Someone asks me to do something and I just CAN’T SAY NO! Well, I should say “couldn’t say no” because that’s all changed.

So Just What are Tags and Categories?


Tags and Categories are a great way of organizing your content so that your readers will be able to find the content that is of interest to them.

To Update… Now or Later?


The question is not “SHOULD you update?” but rather “WHEN should you update”? Whether it’s a plugin update, theme or WordPress core update, they’ve been done for a reason.

Building Connections Online and Offline


Making connections is such an important part of life in general, but when it comes to running your business, it is not only the offline connections we make, but also the online ones, that help us to grow our businesses – and ourselves! How do you connnect?

How to Add WordPress Users – the Right Way


Adding Users in WordPress -Need to allow someone access to your WordPress dashboard? Always create a new user login for them, assigning the appropriate role to them as described below. You may either delete or downgrade their role when they are finished with what they need to do.

Do I Really Need to Backup My Website?


So when is the last time you backed up your website? Yesterday? Last week? Never? Don’t wait until it’s too late and you’ve lost all those blog posts you’ve written and gotten excellent comments on. If you don’t have a plan, it’s time to get one and set it in place!

7 Tips for Keeping Your Website Secure


You may have heard people talking about how their website was “hacked”. Maybe their site starting showing strange characters or re-directing visitors to other, not so lovely, websites. How can you keep this from happening to your website? Planning and Knowledge.

How to Use Images to Rock Your Blog Posts


People, in general, are very visual. What do you see when you look at a page full of text? Not, too enticing, right? What about when you see the same text but broken up with images, headlines and captions? Much less stressful to look at isn’t it?

Are You Ready for the New Year?


Whether it’s the beginning of a new calendar year or not, there is always a fresh new year ahead of us! Time to set goals and plan on how to reach them!

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