17 thoughts on “How to Make Your Profile Pictures Consistent”

  1. A timely post in view of the Facebook changes, Mindy. I must get around to seeing what my pic will look like when it changes. I use Gravatar and the same picture that is on my blog is also on all my social media platforms.

    1. Tamuria, if you are using the same image on the other platforms and they look ok in the circle then you should be fine. I am already seeing the profiles images in circles in the newsfeed.

    1. Glad to hear this helps, Candess. Although, if you are to be known for you, it is suggested by many that you keep your face as the profile for your business.

    1. Awesome, Jennifer! Your social media is definitely rockin’ but happy to hear you took the time to check it. New headshots are on my list too! I want something fun! 🙂

    1. That is exactly it, Cathy! Many people just put something together, thinking they are saving time maybe, but in reality it doesn’t take much more time to do it right, and the reward is definitely worth it!

  2. Thank you, very good tips for how to make the profile images synchronized. Though I am not sure I would go with the exact same photo everywhere. On Instagram, for example, it is often better to have a more outstanding photo that grabs attention. While on other channels it is better to have a more ‘professional’ photo.

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