I'm sure you are wondering, "Why should I hire Mindy to help me with my online presence?" I have worked with many different people, in different roles with different goals. Here is a little bit about those experiences:

Mindy completely revised my website a couple of years ago. She was patient, thorough, informed and professional throughout the process. She has been a trusted advisor ever since. Mindy is knowledgeable, quick to respond, and always a joy to work with. So glad to have her in my corner!
Lisa Betts, President, BettsWorks, Inc.

Jackie was looking to move her website from the platform she had been using for quite some time, to WordPress. We had to manually move her close to 200 blog posts with images. Jackie was wonderful to work with and kept up with setting categories and tags so we could launch the new site quickly.

I've built websites for a living and so when it was time to do a new one, I hired someone to do it for me. 🙂 Mindy provided a good price and managed to get everything done in a timely fashion with superior results. She stayed in touch with me during the entire process and explained things that I needed to accomplish. I highly recommend her for any website development you may need. In fact, I've already done so. Hope we can do business again!
- Jackie Harder

Lorraine was looking for a website that represented her, was clean, fast, and mobile-friendly. I am grateful to have the talented designer, Susan Best-Jones, on my team to create the perfect color scheme and design for me to build for Lorraine.

For years, I have been settling for a website that just wasn't me. It was professional, but it did not reflect my personality. From the get go, Mindy listened to me and heard what I was about. She proceeded to develop and create a website that met my needs and represented me as I hoped. She implemented items to make the website user friendly, contemporary, and SEO. Mindy did a superb job with my site, and I couldn't be more happy! She answers questions, gets back to you, works hard, and delivers. I highly recommend her to you! Thanks, Mindy 🙂
- Lorraine Bossé-Smith

Evy came to me to help her launch her new website. We put our heads together and came up with the site outline so she could create her content while I set up the framework for her. Evy's choice of colors and fonts work well to share her style and personality with her visitors. As always, it was a pleasure working with her on this project.

Need a website? I recommend Mindy. She is dependable, conscientious and has the patience of a saint! She has helped me enormously with my website style and has always been willing to find a solution that we could both work with. She has great web development skills and attention to detail. Thank You, Mindy, for your patience and expertise.
- Evy Havlik

Ben had a static website that he wanted to convert over to WordPress. He liked the look and feel of the website so, while adding a few updates, we kept the basic design and moved all the files while optimizing the website for SEO as we went.

We highly recommend Mindy Iannelli for your web solutions, and would be happy to work with her on our future web project needs. Mindy worked with us to seamlessly convert our HTML sites to WordPress and provided the necessary plugins needed to keep our websites functioning and making it easy for our customers to navigate.
- Create Excitement

Susan is a web designer / graphic designer here in New Jersey. We have worked together on many projects as our skills are complementary to one another. She is a great person to have on your team!

I hate to recommend Mindy to other’s I want to keep her for myself!
Mindy is a true asset to my business. I am amazed at what she knows about web development, SEO, plugins and security. Mindy seems to be on top of all things web development. I think she never sleeps! Whenever I need help on a site or a client's request she handles it quickly and professionally, making me look good.
She is easy to work with, when I ask for a style change she does it, the way I want it. I've had trouble with that in the past, Mindy takes that stress out of the process for me.
Working with Mindy has grown my business. It is so nice to know that you have someone you can trust to do the job right!
Thank you, Mindy!
-Susan Best Jones, S. Best Designs

Sara was introduced to me by a wonderful, long-time client. We have worked together on a few projects now and she makes my job so much easier by sharing her understanding of the clients she has recommended to me. She has a unique way of understanding her clients and their needs. Sara shared these kind words for me on Linkedin.

Mindy is a talented and creative web design professional. She goes above and beyond in creating and maintaining websites for her clients. She is trustworthy with her client's budgets, treating each project with diligence and accountability. Her responses to inquiries and "calls for help" are always timely and helpful. l am beyond comfortable in recommending Mindy's services to Cooper Creative Group's clients.
- Sara Cooper, Cooper Creative Group

Grace and I met at a conference a few years ago, and even though we are on separate coasts, we have formed a wonderful business relationship and friendship. She not only had faith in me to help her rebuild her website, but to also recommend me to a long-time client of hers. She shared this wonderful recommendation for me on Linkedin, for which I am grateful.

Mindy is truly a treasure.
She is very knowledgeable, talented, easy to work with and possesses an innate understanding of what her clients want and can translate that into more than they need. She's precise, quick to grasp concepts and delivers complete delight to her clients (and mine).
Her integrity is beyond reproach.
- Grace White, Virtually Amazing

Cherryl came to me with some questions about how to update her current website. We fixed some issues and Cherryl was eager to learn more about maintaining her website.

Mindy has helped me a great deal with my online presence. She has fixed issues on my site and doing so, in such a timely manner. Another great feature in doing business with Mindy - is – if you are willing to learn – she will teach you how to manage your own site.
Her prices are very competitive and you can trust that she will get the job done.
Thanks Mindy for all the help you have provided me.
-Cherryl Sharp, MeThyme

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